Initial Budgeting – Food Court

Initial Budgeting – Food Court

For early stage Food Court budgeting, please use the following guidelines:

  • Determine the number of seats required for the project.
  • Categorize entire project into one of the following:

Level A: Middle market, minimal millwork.

Level B: Middle market, substantial millwork.

Level C: Upscale market, minimal millwork.

Level D: Upscale market, substantial millwork.

Typical costs for each seat (based on past Simon purchases) have been determined and are shown below. Calculating using this exercize and the amounts below will give you an initial budget, including estimated freight, installation and tax.

Level A = $450 per seat.

Level B = $600 per seat.

Level C = $700 per seat.

Level D = $1,000 per seat.

Example, using Level B & 500 seats:

500 x $600 = $300,000 Total Initial Budget

To create a more detailed Food Court budget, please see Refined Budgeting